Monday, May 12, 2008

Review of Thunderer

the man at the B. Dalton next to the tobacco shop at the mall tol me this was a real good fantasy book and I like fantazy I've read everything R.A Salvatore wrote and Heavy Metal is my foavorite movie to get baked by so I took his advice and bought Thunderer by Felix Gilman.

First of all this book ahs a abad ass cover. Its some dude with a knife and he's like flying next to a pirate ship and so I figured this has got to be good. It'z a little thick and I couldnt read it at the detail shop on my lunchbreak so it took longer to read it but itjust goes to show you that you cant judge a book by its cover because this book is all about gods and princesses and monks that dont even know karate

When i first started reading thunderer I hoped that it would be about cannons because of that AC DC song but its not. Theres some fighting in it but theres no pirats or even elfs an d I don't see how you can cal it fantasy without elvs.

Its no good so dont read it I may hollow it out and keep my pipe in it though.

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